Eating disorders, anxiety disorders and addictions can steal your focus, your identity, and your future. All of your energy seems to go toward unhealthy thoughts, urges, and behaviors, causing you to lose track of time, waste money and compromise your sense of self.

Treatment for these issues is critical and will help restore health and balance to your life. However, even on the road to recovery, you can feel lost and unsure about your future, making you vulnerable to relapse.

RecoveryPlus classes are designed to prevent relapse by building a life worth living.

Each class will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself by identifying personal strengths and values while providing practical skills that give you confidence and hope in your life direction.

Classes are not a replacement for therapy, but are offered as a powerful supplement to the work you are doing with a therapist. If you have done the initial work of recovery, are medically stable, and are motivated for recovery, you are a great candidate for these classes.

Classes are in the evenings for those still participating in Partial-Day or Intensive Outpatient Programs as well as those who work or attend school during the day. For those not living in St. Louis, classes will be available via video conference.



Week One: Creating a Vision for Your Life • October 27

What do you want out of life? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Having a sense of purpose is critical to preventing relapse. This class will help you discover your passion and purpose and set meaningful life goals.


Week Two: Building on Strengths and Values • November 3

Utilizing the proven StrengthsFinder 2.0, you will discover your personal strengths and values. This understanding is a powerful tool in determining educational and career goals as well as building healthy confidence and self-esteem.


Week Three: Building Motivation • November 10

Motivation revolves around three core factors: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. This class will help you learn how to increase these energizing forces in your life, work and recovery.


Week Four: Decision Making • November 17

Poor decisions often result in relapse. Good decisions are key to recovery. This class will teach you how to make better decisions in life, work, and relationships—adding strength to your recovery work.


Week Five: Understanding Mindset • November 24

How we view our ability to learn and grow significantly impacts our mood and chances of success. This class will explore how the power of a growth mindset improves your life and decreases your vulnerability to relapse.


Week Six: Organizing Your Brain – Building Routines • November December 1

We live in an age of information overload and have difficulty sorting the critical information from the trivial. This class will teach you how to clear the clutter in your brain and build practical daily routines.


Week Seven: Organizing Your Stuff with a Professional Organizer • December 8

Just as our brains get cluttered, so can our homes. This session, co-taught with professional organizer Susan Stewart, will give you practical and powerful tips on how to simplify every day life and reduce personal chaos.