easter-tombDoes Easter have any relevance for those struggling with body image and eating issues? Does it have anything significant to say to those diagnosed with anorexia, bulimia and those who have daily thoughts of “I hate my body”? I believe it does. In my recent blog for EatingDisorderHope.com, I write:
Easter means you are invited to trust God with your body. It means that you are invited to step out of the tomb of darkness, secrecy and shame.
This is true because God has declared all bodies good through his creation. He confirmed his value for physical things when he resurrected Christ from the dead.
Not only is the body important, but it is critical to the salvation story. Jesus did not just indwell human flesh but, chose the life and death of that flesh as the means of accomplishing salvation. The death of his body on a cross is how forgiveness of sins is provided. The physical body is central to the story God is telling!
To learn more about the Christian view of the body, the importance of Easter and how this contributes to recovery from an eating disorder, read the rest of the blog.