Brain-Based Recovery Group

Maybe your problem with food is all in your head. Learn how to change your brain.

Have you ever felt like you have lost control over what you eat? Do you feel compelled to diet? Or driven to exercise? Does the number on the scale seem to rule your life? Do you feel stuck in the same old cycle? This does not mean you are a failure or lack will power. It does mean that your brain is stuck on repeat and doesn’t want to change. The good news is that research in the last decade is showing us how to change the brain through “self-directed neuroplasticity” and providing practical ways to change the brain for the better. A Brain-Based Recovery approach focuses on changing the neuropathways in the brain and creating new, healthy patterns.  Based on the work of Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, a world-renowned psychiatrist, this group will help you learn what is happening in the brain when you have a compulsive urge as well as the skills needed to “rewire the brain.” This 12-week group will be helpful for those who struggle with:
  • overeating
  • binge eating, bulimia
  • overwhelming cravings
  • anorexia, restrictive eating
  • chronic dieting
Additionally, this group will explore how a Christian understanding of choices and behaviors can help you overcome the shame, guilt and hopelessness associated with feeling like you can’t stop using damaging behaviors. It is recommended, but not required, that group members be working with an individual therapist on these issues. This will be a closed group. Participants can join only at the beginning of the 12 week cycle. Participants will be asked to commit to the entire 12 weeks. New groups will form when 6 or more members sign up.

Cost: $60 per week, 12 weeks

Payments can be made either in one sum or in 3 payments of $240.


Time & Location

Classes are held on Mondays at 7:30 – 9:00 pm,

1715 Deer Tracks Trail Suite 260, Group Room



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Brain-Based Recovery Groups are led by Travis Stewart, who has been mentoring and teaching others since 1992. He began working in the field of mental health in 2003. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, he has helped hundreds of individuals facing life-threatening eating disorders and related issues in all levels of treatment. Travis is an experienced and creative communicator and teacher. His style incorporates the use of thought-provoking lecture, relevant research, educational videos, practical resources, and group participation. Phone: 636-686-0888

I have had the honor of working with Travis for a few years now. I started my counseling journey close minded and hopeless. Through building trust and repetition Travis has helped me learn to believe truth in my life. I am now open minded to a new world of possibilities and walk in hope. Former Client

I’ve worked with Travis for the past 7 months. I am so thankful to have his help. Travis really understands eating disorders, and knows how to help you develop the tools you need to fight back. I had worked with a lot of other therapists and counselors before who did not specialize in eating disorders. Many times I would leave a session, and feel worse or triggered to backslide. I always left a session with Travis feeling motivated and encouraged that I had what it took to overcome this. He helped me become more aware of my behavior so I could stop it before it began, as well as recognize underlying issues and why I wanted to act out. I am continuing to learn healthy ways to cope with my feelings and eating issues, and I know I wouldn’t have reached this place or made the progress that I did if it wasn’t for Travis’s help and encouragement. Thank you Travis! Former Client